Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're Growing Strawberries Plants

Check out our strawberry plants! We planted these last year and really just let them run "rogue" doing what strawberries plants do best, put out runners.

2012 First Year  Strawberry Plants

 So here is what our strawberry patch looks like this year.

2013 Strawberry Plants

Well, this is what it looks like after we pulled some weeds and cleared the leaves, put down some mulch and build this make-shift structure to put the Easy Gardener Bird Block netting up, to keep out the critters.

 As much of gardening is trial and error, here are a few tips we learned so far with strawberries :

  1. It's true, first year strawberry plants do not produce fruit. (We thought they were kidding!) 
  2. Use mulch. We are using shredded hardwood mulch because straw is not readily available in our area. It helps keep the soil moist and the weeds down. 
  3. Keep your strawberry plants watered. They like well drained, moist soil.
  4. Double your plants by letting the runners take root.  You will need to pinch off the first blooms for new plants to allow for root growth. This will also make for a healthier plant and more fruit production.
For more tips on gardening check out this resourse for Strawberry Plant Care.

Lastly, it always a good thing to see a lady bug in the garden.

Happy gardening... and check back for strawberry updates.