Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Closet, DONE!

Learning how to take big projects and turn them into small projects as always been a challenge for me. However, I tend to go through phases were I obsess  .... uh... er...  get HIGHLY motivated, yeah let's go with highly motivated about a particular area in my life.  A couple of years ago it was couponing, which I still do but not to the extreme that I use to.  At the moment my phase is organizing, which is why....

Well,  if containers are HIGHLY motivating me to organize my closet is it really an obsession??  Just two short weeks ago I reorganized my bedroom closet and just over a month ago I organized my storage closet.  After these projects, I felted extremely accomplished and with two closet DONE, all the sudden I had the weirdest urge to put all my stuff into a container... REALLY!.  O.k.  I guess that is an obsession.


 I have another closet DONE!  This time it is my bathroom closet.

You might recognize the white shelving, this is something I "re-purposed" from my bedroom closet. I got the blue bins from the Dollar Tree.  My bathroom closet is quite deep, so I was able to tuck this inside the door and put the soap and shampoo were the kids could reach it, along with THAT other necessity.

Another closet, DONE!

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