Friday, March 9, 2012

Time To Organize the Bedroom Closet

Well, I am not complete finished with the laundry/utility room reorganization, but major progress has been made and I need to take a break to get fresh perceptive.  Also, to continue would require me to start taking a serious look at my kitchen and I am just not ready to do that, YET.

So I decided to take some "me" time.  By this I mean focus on my bedroom, specifically my closet .  I found this video which has given me a starting point. 

Isn't it amazing how the simplest thing can cause you to rethink the way you have done something all your life? I have to confess, more of my clothes end up on the floor than in the dresser or closet. However, it has occurred to me the reason is because I am not using the space that I have to its full potential. I mean I have cleaned out my closet before, I have purged. I have sorted seasons, but the problem always returns. My dresser also is busting at the seams, which is why some of my clothes at any given time are either on my floor or in the laundry basket next to my dresser.

Well I am ready to look at the problem with fresh eyes. Let's see were this goes.

Here is a before picture that I tweeted out this morning:

My next project #organize bedroom closet: the before picture ... on Twitpic

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