Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bedroom Closet Re-do

This is completely embarrassing!
It get's better, the only reason I am posting these pictures.

This project required me to totally shift my thinking about my closet.  As I revealed in this post, the clutter and disorganization of my closet was spilling over into my dresser and my bedroom floor.  I guess, I finally came to the end of my rope.  And after the umpteenth... (or umphundreth) time my husband ask were is my.....  I finally got the clue.  This is NOT working.  So I cleaned everything out.

Hint: most of this stuff did not belong in the closet
Well, except for my husbands clothes, I was able to just re-arrange them and stuff like his ties and hats well I made him sort through those. Why make extra work for myself, right?

After taking everything out,  I purged out things that don't belong in a bedroom closet. Like the sleeping bags that should be with the camping supplies. The box that I thought had videos in it, it did not, it had sewing supplies, garden flags and misc. crafting stuff, most of which I am donated to our church mission yard sale, some did get tossed.  Two bags of  just my clothes were donated. Woo Hoo!  Feeling better already.

Here is the part of my "re-thinking" how to use my closet.  When I was younger, I lost more sweaters, blouses, shirts to those old wire hangers.  They would poke holes or I would get those "shoulder bumps" were the fabric was stretched out. UGH! So my solution was to put everything in my dresser and I only hung up dresses or dresser clothes.  Problem, my dresser ran out of space.

The solution and my light bulb moment: GET BETTER HANGERS... duh.

So I did. Oh, I also got a sweater organizer similar to this one:

This has allowed me to move most of my wardrobe into my closet and use my dresser as a back up or even for my "off season" clothes.  I have been living this way for a week and I am loving it.  I can walk in my closet and see, for the most part,  ALL of my clothes. No discovering long lost shirts at the bottom of the drawer.  It is all there.  Not to mention it takes me a quick second to hang up my clothes or throw it in the laundry at the end of the day.  The other benefit..... less wrinkles.

Here is the AFTER:

Well, there it is! It's not perfect but it sure is a ALOT better and I am enjoying my new system.

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