Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under The Bed: An Abandon City

    Underneath my bed lies an abandoned city.  The shoe houses are vacant and boarded up.  "The Box Diner" is out of business.  Plastic tumbleweeds with names on them such as "Tootsie rolls" and "Skittles" bounce silently up and down the lonely streets.  No one roams the streets or buys something from the store.  Loneliness hovers over the town like fog.  Underneath my bed lies an abandoned city.     ~ Allison Stanley
That, dear friends, was a timely writing assignment from my daughter's teacher.  I admit one of the reason's I started a blog was to show off and help develop my daughter's writing ability.  Her teacher has assured me she has a gift and why would a mother argue about that.

However, one gift that she, nor I, possesses is the gift of order.Which brings me to the reason for this post.  My daughter's bedroom.  Her room was the first room I tackled when I decided to bring order back to our house.  But don't think that because her room was first it was the messiest, no that is not the case. Her room was a good starting point, one I knew I could see fast results and that would keep me motivated to continue.  So for one solid week while she was at school, I tossed, sorted and rearranged her room, with her blessing.  Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:

No more abandon city, though it could use a vacuum. LOL!  There is still work to be done. like containerizing a few items and clearing the flat surfaces.  That will be another blog post!

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