Friday, February 17, 2012

A Simple Project To Kick Off The Blog

While I have been working of organizing and de-cluttering the kids room, which were major undertakings, I'll post about that later. I thought I would start the blog off with a quick project that I completed in under an hour. I de-cluttered the baker's rack in my kitchen.

Here is the before picture.

Yes, it had become the catch all for all kinds of stuff. The "junk" container that had everything in it from pens to wrenches. It was the charging station for our cell phones and ipods. On the bottom, the plastic grocery bags and the reusable ones that I always forgot to bring with me. And don't the oranges, pototoes and onions fit right into the mix?? NOT!

Here is the after:

Oh wait, did you not see the cook books in the before picture. Me, either. But know I can. Doesn't that look way better. I move the food items to the storage bin that I purchased this morning at Wal-mart, to the pantry cabinet (picture will come at a later date). I put the reusable grocery bags on a 3M command hook in the laundry room, that is by the door so maybe I can remember to take them with me. The rest of the stuff I put in away or found new homes for them. All in All not bad for an hour project at that was also my first blog post.

Thank you for reading this and if you like it please follow my blog and I will follow yours, if you have one. Oh and tell a friend or two.

Thanks so much!

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