Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Project: Reorganization Continues

After I cleared my cluttered baker's rack, yesterday's project. Today, I took the next logical step and started working on my pantry. My pantry is located in my laundry/utility/mud room. This room is going to be a challenge for several reason.
  • It has a big ugly nasty boiler in the corner taking up valuable space, IMO.
  • It is the back entry to our house
  • A wall of  "custom" cabinets, which do service a purpose but definitely not eye candy.
  • There is no work space for folding laundry or crafting.  
Here are some before pictures of my laundry. 

Now for the pantry:

This is what I started on today.  The top cabinet, I added the wire shelf to give more space.  This is were I want to store my containers, plastic food storage and vases. Here is a closer look.

Better, but I as I work on the bottom portion I may change this up.

UPDATE: See Laundry Room Cabinet before and after progress!

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