Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under The Bed: An Abandon City

    Underneath my bed lies an abandoned city.  The shoe houses are vacant and boarded up.  "The Box Diner" is out of business.  Plastic tumbleweeds with names on them such as "Tootsie rolls" and "Skittles" bounce silently up and down the lonely streets.  No one roams the streets or buys something from the store.  Loneliness hovers over the town like fog.  Underneath my bed lies an abandoned city.     ~ Allison Stanley
That, dear friends, was a timely writing assignment from my daughter's teacher.  I admit one of the reason's I started a blog was to show off and help develop my daughter's writing ability.  Her teacher has assured me she has a gift and why would a mother argue about that.

However, one gift that she, nor I, possesses is the gift of order.Which brings me to the reason for this post.  My daughter's bedroom.  Her room was the first room I tackled when I decided to bring order back to our house.  But don't think that because her room was first it was the messiest, no that is not the case. Her room was a good starting point, one I knew I could see fast results and that would keep me motivated to continue.  So for one solid week while she was at school, I tossed, sorted and rearranged her room, with her blessing.  Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:

No more abandon city, though it could use a vacuum. LOL!  There is still work to be done. like containerizing a few items and clearing the flat surfaces.  That will be another blog post!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Starting The Process

Time to confess.  I did not make any special New Years Resolution to start organizing my house.  In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind.  So how did I, all the sudden, get the courage, motivation and determination to start bring order to my house.  Well, looking back I think I started with out even knowing it. Last fall after the children were back in school, I decided to simplify my life. So I slow started cutting back on my activities and projects.    I have a horrible habit of distracting myself with projects that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Call it ADD, I don't know, but I do know it frustrates my husband to no end and at times I frustrate myself. I decided to focus on my day to day and the family.

But just after Christmas, I obtained a copy of this book and because I had cut back on my extra-circular activities I had time to read it.

That is when the lights started coming on in my mind. My home was a mess, I have no organizing ability. This is not being down on myself, it is a truth I have to face and I want to fix. So with this new light and the fact that when winter break was over I had no distractions scheduled on my calendar. I took a good long look at the state of the house and decided to start in the children's room first. Those blogs are forthcoming.

I would like to recommend this book as a starting point for anyone overwhelmed by the process. When I started reading it I realized I was about 5 life chapters behind, This let's you start the process where you are. If you have a book about organizing or de-cluttering that was helpful to you please share it in the comments.

Here is a great resource website, I have been visiting daily:

Organizing Junkie

Side note about distractions: One of the distractions I had/have are blogs. This is the 5th blog I have had or attempted. I have made a promise to myself not to let blogging distract me from my purpose, but I do find it very motivating to post before and after pictures as a way to measure my progress. So with that, as long as this blog is a tool and not a distraction, I will continue to blog my progress.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Is Not Over

Look at the difference a day makes.



Not complaining! The children are off school tomorrow because of Presidents Day, nice way to end a 3 day weekend.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Project: Reorganization Continues

After I cleared my cluttered baker's rack, yesterday's project. Today, I took the next logical step and started working on my pantry. My pantry is located in my laundry/utility/mud room. This room is going to be a challenge for several reason.
  • It has a big ugly nasty boiler in the corner taking up valuable space, IMO.
  • It is the back entry to our house
  • A wall of  "custom" cabinets, which do service a purpose but definitely not eye candy.
  • There is no work space for folding laundry or crafting.  
Here are some before pictures of my laundry. 

Now for the pantry:

This is what I started on today.  The top cabinet, I added the wire shelf to give more space.  This is were I want to store my containers, plastic food storage and vases. Here is a closer look.

Better, but I as I work on the bottom portion I may change this up.

UPDATE: See Laundry Room Cabinet before and after progress!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Simple Project To Kick Off The Blog

While I have been working of organizing and de-cluttering the kids room, which were major undertakings, I'll post about that later. I thought I would start the blog off with a quick project that I completed in under an hour. I de-cluttered the baker's rack in my kitchen.

Here is the before picture.

Yes, it had become the catch all for all kinds of stuff. The "junk" container that had everything in it from pens to wrenches. It was the charging station for our cell phones and ipods. On the bottom, the plastic grocery bags and the reusable ones that I always forgot to bring with me. And don't the oranges, pototoes and onions fit right into the mix?? NOT!

Here is the after:

Oh wait, did you not see the cook books in the before picture. Me, either. But know I can. Doesn't that look way better. I move the food items to the storage bin that I purchased this morning at Wal-mart, to the pantry cabinet (picture will come at a later date). I put the reusable grocery bags on a 3M command hook in the laundry room, that is by the door so maybe I can remember to take them with me. The rest of the stuff I put in away or found new homes for them. All in All not bad for an hour project at that was also my first blog post.

Thank you for reading this and if you like it please follow my blog and I will follow yours, if you have one. Oh and tell a friend or two.

Thanks so much!